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Restoring the Circle: Trans Youth Symposium

On June 28th and 29th the Trans Youth Executive Steering Committee will be hosting a symposium for trans and gender diverse young people. The symposium seeks to gather young Trans people to build community with each other, engage in discussions about their needs, and to inform the development of services including health, education, and social services.  The young people will lead in the symposium and the service providers are invited to be active listeners and learners. Part of the symposium will have youth-only activities, service provider-only activities, and activities that bring these two groups together.  For more information, please see the draft agenda on this website for more information.                                                                     

It is our intention to center the voices of more marginalized trans and gender diverse youth. We have built-in strategies to try and achieve this overall goal. Any and all feedback or input on how to do this in better ways and/or how we can improve is very much wanted and appreciated. 

Trans and gender diverse youth groups can participate in the youth world cafes on June 28th and 29th. If you are interested, please email:

Restoring the Circle: Trans Youth Symposium

Date: June 28th and 29th

Time: 8:30am to 4:30pm

Place: Ryerson University - Student Learning Center, 341 Yonge Street, Sky Floor (8th floor)

To register:


Trans Youth Symposium - Youth Organizers, Podcast Series, and Surveys

Trans Youth Community Educators at the Conference and leading the youth symposium include:

Fae Johnstone - Trans Organizer, Activist, & Educator

Fin Lee - Artist and Moderator. 

Kieran Drachenberg - Activist, Iqaluit, Nunavut.

Kaeden Seburn - Trans Organizer, Activist, & Educator

Keegan Prempeh - Nonbinary Community Organize

RJ Jones - Community Organizer, Educator, and Artist.

Podcast Series: Fin, RJ Jones, and Kier are producing a podcast series entitled 'Restoring the Circle' that features stories and remote experiences of young trans people. 

National Surveys: Keegan and Kaeden are leading two national surveys, one for trans youth to identify best practices for health care, schools, and social services. 

If you identify as trans, are between 14 and 24 years old, and live in Canada, please follow the link to take this survey:

Artistic Credit: 'Restoring the Circle' was offered by RJ Jones as a symbol important to their Indigenous culture and to emphasize the importance of creating systems of care that are genuinely inclusive of all young trans people. 

The artwork for this conference and the artwork featured on this website was created by Fin.


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We are accepting donations to cover the travel and labour costs of the trans youth organizers, to help provide travel and accommodation for trans youth attendees, and for accessibility costs for the event. 

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